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  • Year: 1990
  • Current Price: US$ 429,000
  • Located in Hollywood, FL
  • Hull Material: Aluminum
  • Engine/Fuel Type: Single diesel
  • YW# 80554-2680715
  • Courtesy of the BoatWizard MLS

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356 passengers. 

Extremely Fast and Efficient.

 Considered one of the most desirable people movers (356 passengers).


Priced to sell.




  • 2 MTU x 1000 Kw
  • Water Jet
  • Length 38.8 meters (127.3 feet)
  • Beam 9.44 meter (30.97 feet)
  • Draft 3.92 meter (12.86 feet)
  • Gross 424 Tons
    Certificate of Class was found still valid and issued by RINA, as follows:
    Certificate Number Issued on 20 April 2012, Valid until 20 May 2016 Pending Annual Survey with due date 20 August 2013
  • The above-mentioned Classification Certificate was issued under the same IMO number.
  • The following documents were verified and found satisfactory at this time.
     Stability Information.
     Fire Control Plan, including firefighting and lifesaving equipment.
    The following equipment was verified and service found overdue at this time:
     Liferafts maintenance service.
     Firefighting equipment service.
  • HULL
    The weather decks, hull plating and their closing appliances together with watertight
    penetrations were generally examined and as far as practicable are considered in
    satisfactory condition.
    The connecting structure between both hulls was visually examined and no fractures
    or other type of structural damage was noted.
    Weather-tight and watertight doors and closing appliances were examined and found
    in satisfactory conditions.
    Anchor, chain cable, anchor windlass including foundation, prime mover, shafting,
    wildcats, brakes, controls, and chain stoppers were examined and found in apparent
    good working condition.
    Engine room bulkheads were visually examined for signs of leakage or fractures and
    in particular, the sealing arrangement of all penetrations of bulkheads, were found in
    satisfactory condition
    The machinery and electrical installations were generally examined so far as can be
    seen and considered in apparent satisfactory condition. Items examined:
     Machinery and auxiliary spaces were found clean and tidy.
     Bilges were clean with no oil
     Exhaust pipes properly insulated.
     Electrical cables properly fastened.
     Main and auxiliary engines found in apparent good working condition.
     Bulkhead and pipes had no signs of leaks.
     Emergency escape routes were found accessible.
     The foundations of main and auxiliary machinery were examined and no
    deficiencies noted.
     Emergency sources of electrical power, main and auxiliary switchgears, and
    other electrical equipment were examined and found in apparent good
    condition. Safety precautions against shock, fire and other hazards of electrical
    origin were found in satisfactory condition.
     Fire-extinguishing apparatus and systems were examined as found in apparent
    good working conditions and situated at their respective locations, pending above-mentioned overdue service. Examined: Fire main system including
    isolating valves and hydrants. Fire hoses, nozzles, semi-portable and Portable
    Fire Extinguishers, Fire Control Plans, International Shore Connection, Fixed
    Fire Fighting System.
     Life Saving equipment was examined and found properly situated at their
    respective locations. The number, description and locations were found in
    agreement with posted information on the vessel.
     Navigation equipment was visually examined and found in apparent good
    working condition.
     Maintenance and housekeeping was examined and found in satisfactory
     Passenger seats, toilets and services to the passengers were found in
    satisfactory condition.
    It is in the opinion of the undersigned Surveyor that this vessel is in general in
    satisfactory condition; well maintained, with no signs of damage to the hull or
    associated structures. Machinery, electrical systems and navigational equipment
    are in apparent good working condition and the vessel is properly equipped with
    Firefighting, Lifesaving and Navigation Equipment.
    The above Condition Survey Report was issued without prejudice and the surveyor
    shall under no circumstances, be liable for any loss or damage caused by, or
    resulting from any error or omission in this report, or arising out of, or related to the
    performance or non-performance by the surveyor of work in connection with this


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