Captains Services


Evolution Marine has teamed with local and international Yacht Captains in order to best serve our clients who would like a Captain onboard but do not have a need or desire to have a full time crew.  We are here to make sure you have a Captain when needed, whatever the circumstance maybe, a Harbor cruise, operations training, overseeing yard work or extended cruising and deliveries.


Evolution’s captains provide safe delivery on all types of yachts whether it be sailing or motor Yachts we have licensed captains experienced and licensed to 1500 tons upon all oceans and inland waterways, trans-Atlantic, Panama transits and locally from Key West to the Bahamas. Should it be with the owner to the next destination, taking delivery of a new vessel domestically or internationally Evolution Marine can provide the Captain and any additional crew that maybe needed.


We understand with any yacht purchase there are always new systems to learn and many yachts simply dont have even basic operational manuals making it quite a challenge for the new owner to fully understand the mechanics and electronics. Evolution Marine is here to help out. Our staff of Captains are standing by to assist Yacht owners from simple manevering practice to building a complete operational manual for your vessel.